Off Duty Police Officer Killed in Chicago Car Accident

Every driver that travels upon the streets of Chicago and the surrounding areas is required to abide by all local traffic laws. Often, these laws govern thousands of potential actions by drivers from the maximum speed they may travel to who has the right of way at an intersection and even where and when a U-turn can be attempted.

Failing to follow the rules of the road may be negligent conduct on the part of a driver and may lead to a collision. Car accidents in Chicago can range from minor fender-benders with minimal property damage to severe accident where multiple people are injured, or worse, killed. When negligence or an error on the part of a driver causes an accident that leaves others injured, the victims of those accidents may be entitled to seek relief for their damages against the at-fault driver or even against the victim’s own insurance policy in some cases. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who represents victims of car accidents can help you understand your legal options following a car crash.

Local police have confirmed an accident with a tragic result this morning that began with a car chase and ended with the death of an off-duty police officer. According to authorities, police officers from Calumet Park attempted to stop a van but the van fled from authorities, traveling both on and off the Dan Ryan Expressway as it headed towards the city. Police officers remained in pursuit of the van but at some point, an order was reportedly given for officers to end pursuit. According to Calumet Park Police, that order was obeyed.

Thereafter, the driver of the van collided with a vehicle driven by an off duty Chicago police officer, a 42-year-old male and 10 year veteran of the force The collision occurred in the area of South Layfayette Avenue and 87th Street and caused the area to be closed for some time. Reportedly, the officer was traveling home after a shift and was still in uniform at the time of the collision.

Emergency crews responded to the scene of the crash but the officer sustained injuries too severe to survive. The driver of the van, reportedly a female, was arrested and charges are believed to be pending at this time. Reports indicate that marijuana was found in the van after the arrest of the driver.



High speed chases are dangerous to all those involved but they are also dangerous to the innocent drivers who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If the negligence of another driver has caused a crash that left you injured or has claimed the life of your loved one, make sure you understand whether you are entitled to relief for your losses.

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