Pedestrian In Chicago Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver While Changing Tire On Kennedy Expressway

Early Sunday morning a man who was changing a tire on the shoulder of the Ontario Street feeder ramp was hit by a car, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The driver that hit him then fled the scene of the accident without stopping.

The injured person, a 31 year old male, was the passenger in a Ford Explorer with a flat. The driver of the stopped car did not see the accident happen.

The Illinois State Police were the first to respond and reportedly the pedestrian was bleeding heavily when they arrived. He was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Hospital.

The police believe the vehicle that fled the scene was a black Mercedes. Apparently, the police found pieces of the car at the scene and they hope to match up the pieces to the offending vehicle. The Illinois State Police are investigating and anyone with information regarding the accident should call (217) 782-5423 or

As far as an injury case is concerned, if the hit and run driver is not caught, the injured person will be able to make a hit and run, uninsured motorist claim against the insurance policy for the Ford Explorer or his own insurance policy.

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