Pedestrian Hit by Metra Train in Elgin

In 2013, there were 76 train accidents within the state of Illinois alone. That breaks down to a collision involving a train almost every five days with a large number of those incidents occurring in the greater Chicago area. The threat posed by a crash cannot be overstated because of the high risk of serious, even fatal injuries should an accident occur. While a train incident may involve only one or more trains, they often involve a passenger car, truck, or even a pedestrian, meaning that even those who never ride aboard a train can still be at risk for train-related injuries.

When a smaller vehicle or a pedestrian is involved in a collision with a train, injuries are nearly guaranteed and, unfortunately, death is a real possibility for those involved. Following an accident, the victims of that crash are often unaware of what legal options may exist for them and whether they have any protections under the laws of Chicago and/or Illinois, but fortunately, help can be obtained. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney can enable those who are hurt to realize whether they have a valid civil claim for their suffering, a type of legal action that may entitle them to financial payment for their injuries. From the medical expenses they incur to the lost wages they missed while off work to the inconvenience and pain they experience, these claims can right some of the wrong done when a crash happens and is the fault of another person or company. As each accident is unique, it is always wise to get the proper information as it applies to your case if you have been hurt.

Local police in Elgin as well as Metra officials have confirmed that a Metra Milwaukee West train collided with a pedestrian on Friday afternoon near the Route 25 intersection with the train tracks. Though few details have been released about the incident, officials have confirmed that the pedestrian involved survived the incident and that emergency crews transported the victim to an area hospital for treatment.

Current status and the nature of the victim’s injuries are not known though the victim was expected to survive.

Multiple agencies are investigating the incident to determine why the pedestrian and the train were both on the tracks at the same time. If negligence is found, it is possible that those involved will face charges for their actions or other discipline though it could take weeks before any final conclusions are made.



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