NFL Wide Receiver Breaks Arm in Car Accident

Leading receiver for the Detroit Lions, Nate Burleson, was involved in a car accident early Tuesday morning that left him with a broken arm needing surgical repair, according to local police. The incident occurred in Farmington Hills, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan where Burleson has been a member of the NFL Lions since 2010. Prior to that time, Burleson gained fame playing for both the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks at the wide receiver position.

Police stated that Burleson spent Monday evening with some teammates watching the Monday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders. Burleson then began the drive home with two pizzas in his car when one of the pizzas began to slide off the other. In an attempt to prevent the pizza from falling, Burleson grabbed at the pizza box to catch it but while doing so, he lost focus on the road and drifted to the outside of his lane, striking a median on I-696 in Michigan.

Upon impact of the vehicle into the median, Burleson broke both bones in his arm, necessitating surgery that was expected to be performed early Wednesday morning. Responding officers have noted that alcohol was not a factor in the crash and neither were drugs; the entire incident appears to be caused by a sliding pizza and Burleson’s attempt to save it.

Burleson’s broken arm means that he will be sidelined for some time during the current NFL season, keeping him off the field and removing his offensive threat during games. He is in the middle of a 5 year, $25 million contract and the Lions will be anxious for his return.

This crash is an example of how easy it can be to become distracted while driving. The news media often focuses on technology as creating distractions for drivers, like cell phones and tablets, but in truth, distraction can emerge from nearly any source. Here, a driver took his attention off the road for just a moment when his gut reaction told him to reach for a sliding pizza. Doing so caused a high speed car accident that left the talented player unable to work and with a serious injury.

Professional athletes usually get paid even if injuries prevent them from playing their sport, but everyday people are not that lucky. Often, an accident leaves a victim with mounting medical bills and lost wages while a victim recovers, meaning that the expenses will far exceed the money coming in and potentially leaving a victim without the means necessary to lead a normal life.

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