Nearly 50 Car Accidents in Cook County During Morning Rush Hour

The weather in Chicago continued to be brutal this morning as thousands braved the streets and tried to make the commute into work. Many made it safely with little more than a delay to hamper them, but others were not so lucky.

Police have reported that nearly 50 car accidents took place in Cook County alone this morning during rush hour, a number substantially larger than normally occurs during more optimal conditions. Accidents occurred on city streets and in alleys but those did not contribute to the 50 accidents reported so far. Rather, all of those incidents were reported along the expressways and interstates leading into and out of Chicago.

Police believe that black ice may be a contributing factor to many of these crashes. Black ice, known for being difficult-to-impossible to see before encountering it, can create a slippery condition that may cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle. It can be present on one section of a road and absent on the next, making it very challenging to know where the roads will be icy and where they will not. In the last two days, the biggest danger posed by black ice may have been the icing of bridges and overpasses along the expressways.

The last two mornings have seen many accidents along these overpasses and bridges that have been covered in black ice. Though temperatures are warming somewhat today, they will remain cold enough for black ice to persist, keeping the threat to motorists present for the next few days.

Black ice is a condition that emerges in nature and it cannot be prevented. Once it forms, it is difficult to remove until the weather warms up enough for the ice to melt. That means that drivers must either avoid traveling when black ice is present or use extra caution to avoid collisions.



Some accidents during winter weather cannot be avoided but many combine the winter weather with an aspect of negligence on the part of one or more drivers. When driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, or being distracted behind the wheel leads to a collision that causes injuries to another, a driver may be held liable for the injuries that were caused. Victims can seek relief against these at-fault drivers through the use of a personal injury claim.

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