Nearly 2 Million Expected to Travel in Illinois this Labor Day — Increasing Your Risks of a Chicago Car Accident

According to the National Safety Council, based out of Itasca, Illinois, approximately 400 people will die because of car accidents in Illinois and elsewhere this Labor Day weekend. The NSC also estimate that another 38,800 people will be injured because of these traffic accidents. Over the last six year, Labor Day weekend has seen an average increase of about 15 percent in the number of traffic accident-related deaths compared to other similar non-holiday periods.From now until the end of the Labor Day weekend, Illinois State Police will be keeping eyes on the road in search of drivers who aren’t abiding by the law. Officers will be on the lookout for drivers who are speeding, distracted or not wearing a seat belt. And, of course, drunk drivers will be a primary target through the long holiday weekend.

Our Chicago car accident attorneys ask that all motorists be extra safe and cautious during this last holiday weekend of summer. According to CBS Chicago, nearly 2 million people are expected to be on Illinois roadways throughout the weekend. Even though gas prices are up about dollar this year from last year, more than 27 million motorists across the nation are expected to hit the road for a weekend vacation.

The expected 27 million travelers illustrates an increase in the number of road travelers from those on the road in 2010. Nearly 90 percent of holiday travelers will be driving this year, partially because of the increase in airfares.

Here are some safe driving tips to help keep you safe during your Labor Day travel:

-Get some rest. Never drive when you’re tired or drowsy. Drowsy driving decreases your ability to react to traffic hazards.

-Buckle up. Make sure that everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seat belt.

-Don’t tailgate. Keep the two-second rule in mind. Keeping a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you will help to reduce your risks of a serious accident.

-Look around. Make sure you check your surroundings at all times, but especially before changing lanes or making a turn.

-Obey the signs. Always follow traffic signals and posted speed limits. Officers will be on the lookout for drivers who are driving by their own rules.

-Stay sober. Officers throughout the state and the country will be looking specifically for intoxicated drivers.

-Don’t drive distracted. Distractions slow a driver’s reaction time and increase their risks of a serious traffic accident. Distractions include text messaging, using a cell phone, operating a GPS system and interacting with other passengers.

-Be prepared. Know your route before you leave the house. Having a plan helps you to avoid confusion.

-Spare time. Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare so you’re not forced to rush.

-Defensive driving. Always be ready for the unexpected maneuvers of other motorists.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend and ask that all drivers remain cautious and alert while navigating roadways packed with holiday travelers.

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