National Teen Driver Safety Week Reminds All of Good Driving Techniques

Most adults realize that teen drivers present a greater risk on the roads than their more experienced counterparts because teen lack the knowledge and skill of those who have been driving longer, increasing the odds that teens will be involved in an accident. No one wants to see a young person injured or killed in a crash but statistically, thousands of them will be every year across the nation, leading many to seek a solution to this issue.

Congress recognized the need to increase awareness of teen driving issues and to promote safe driving among the age group in 2007 when it established the National Teen Driver Safety Week, which takes place during the third week of every October.

The facts show that motor vehicle collisions are the biggest cause of teen death across the country with more than 5,000 teens dying every year in a crash. Experts believe that many factors cause teens to be four times more likely than adults to be involved in a collision with inexperience being high on the list. However, teens also fail to perceive some forms of dangerous driving habits, like texting while driving, driving fatigued, or even losing focus on the road. It likely is a combination between inexperience operating a vehicle and a lack of knowledge regarding hazardous actions while driving that leads to so many collisions and so many teen deaths.

By designating a week to focus on safe teen driving, Congress intended communities to begin a discussion with their young drivers regarding the types of behaviors that are and are not acceptable. This can be very beneficial at the local level since many cities and municipalities maintain their own targeted laws for teen driving with behavioral restrictions common for young drivers.

The theme for 2013’s Teen Driver Safety Week is ‘It Takes Two: Shared Expectations for Teens and Parents for Driving’ and is designed to make safe driving a family issue discussed and practiced by both adult and teen drivers. Studies show that when parents take the time to help their teens learn safety techniques, those teens are less likely to be in a serious accident than teens with less parental instruction and guidance.

If you have a teen driver at home, you should consider making Teen Driver Safety Week a part of your family’s week by reminding your teen what your expectations are when he or she is behind the wheel as well as general tips for safe driving. In the end, your time may help your teen avoid a serious or life-threatening collision.



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