Musician David Crosby Hits Jogger with his Car

In many areas of the country and in many parts of Chicago, pedestrians are authorized to walk along or near a road, meaning that it is the duty of each and every driver to respect this right and to be alert for pedestrians. However in many cases, motorists fail to look for those who may be walking or otherwise may fail to yield the right-of-way, often resulting in a pedestrian accident that nearly always causes injuries.

When the law is on the side of a pedestrian, what happens when the rights of that walker are violated? In many cases, police or other law enforcement officials may begin an investigation into the incident and may take action on behalf of the State of Illinois. But nothing done by the police is designed to directly benefit a pedestrian who is injured – an important fact that many walkers overlook. Rather, if a victim of a pedestrian collisions wants to seek relief for his or her losses, that pedestrian must institute a civil claim for damages against anyone who is responsible for the crash. This claim can be the first step to obtaining payment to cover expenses like lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. When in doubt, speaking with a personal injury attorney can help you understand your options and can enable you to see your path to relief.

Police in California have confirmed that singer David Crosby, best known for his part in the group Crosby, Stills & Nash, occasionally Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, was involved in an incident yesterday that left a jogger injured. Authorities have confirmed that Crosby was operating a Tesla motor vehicle on a road in Santa Ynez Valley when Crosby claims that the sunlight made it difficult to see his surroundings. According to reports, this is what Crosby claimed after he struck a jogger who was on the right shoulder of the road and was running with his son. At the time of the impact, Crosby allegedly was traveling at the speed limit of 55 miles per hour and caused significant damage to the 46-year-old man he struck.

Emergency crews responded and air lifted the jogger to an area hospital where reports indicate the man sustained multiple fractures, abrasions, and cuts as a result of the crash which some claim started with contact from Crosby’s external rear view mirror. None of the man’s injuries were expected to be life threatening though they were believed to need extensive treatment.

Police are still reviewing the actions of both Crosby and the jogger in this matter to determine whether either or both individuals acted in a negligent manner prior to the impact, but at this time, no charges are expected to be filed.



Collisions with pedestrians can happen at any time and at any place but the thing most have in common is that they caused injuries to those outside of a vehicle. If you have been victimized in a pedestrian crash while in the Chicago area or if your loved one was injured or killed, you may be entitled to seek relief for your suffering.

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