Motorcycle Ridership Increasing in Chicago

May is just around the corner and with its imminent arrival has come some milder, sunnier weather than that which accompanied winter. Spring and early summer in Chicago are enjoyed by many who call the city home as they welcome in a more vibrant and lively social scene for the first time in months. This shift in seasonality also means that some people will take to different means of transportation as they travel around town and as they go to and from work. More pedestrians will begin walking, buses and trains may get used more heavily, and those who own motorcycles may start to ride.

Winter weather and the potential for snow and ice means that most motorcycles in Illinois are stored during those poor weather months and ridden only in spring, summer, and fall. This time of year, numerous riders can be seen on the streets of Chicago as their bikes make a reappearance and they are able to ride safely once again. With approximately 240,000 registered motorcycles in the State of Illinois, it is nearly impossible to avoid these bikes. This means that motorcycle accidents should be considered a threat not only to those who ride motorcycles but also to those who drive cars, ride in private vehicles, or even pedestrians who walk near the roads.

It is incumbent upon each and every motorcycle rider and all the drivers of cars to consider safety and to act in accordance with the safety of everyone in mind as they navigate the streets of Chicago this and every year. Proper actions can prevent an accident from happening and can prevent any injuries from resulting, a goal which all motorists should bear in mind. However, collisions continue to plague the streets and with them, the injuries and deaths they cause. While these accidents cannot be erased once they occur, it may be possible for victims to obtain compensation to help cover their losses.

The most common type of expense incurred by someone hurt in a motorcycle accident is medical expenses. From an ambulance ride to hospital care to follow up treatment with a physician, these bills can add up quickly and can put an innocent victim at a disadvantage from the moment the dust of a crash settles. In some instances, victims may need ongoing medical care for years or even the remainder of their lifetime and it can be difficult to estimate how much money that care will cost.

Also common following a collision is a victim’s inability to work for a period of time. Whether it is the day of the accident or an ongoing issue while the victim recovers from any injuries sustained, this inability to work may mean that someone who is hurt is not receiving the money they need to pay their bills and support themselves and their families. Absent the crash, these individuals would not have trouble providing for themselves but their inability to work makes paying the bills difficult or impossible.

Additionally, nearly all motorcycle crash victims in Chicago experience pain and suffering as well as the inability to live their lives as they normally do. This is an aspect of many personal injury claims that should not be underestimated as the impact caused by these damages can be severe.



If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident in Illinois or if your loved one was injured or killed, you and your family may have a valid legal claim to seek and obtain the financial compensation you need to move forward with your lives. The personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call and to help you understand what options may be available to you.

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