Motorcycle Crash Turns Fatal in Chicago

The summer months typically see a greater number of motorcycle accidents in Chicago than other times of the year. Much of that has to do with the fact that summer is a popular time to ride – the weather tends to be pleasant, neither snow nor ice make it hazardous to ride, and some bikers have additional time off during the summertime. Yet weather alone is not the only reason for an increase in the number of bike crashes that the city experiences. A significant additional factor is the number of tourists that come to Chicago and take in the sights. Many of these individuals are less familiar with the city’s layout and the street design than those who call Chicago home and therefore are more likely to make a mistake while on the road. Mistakes tend to lead to dangerous situations, and often, crashes that can threaten the safety of those involved.

Regardless of why a collision involving a motorcycle takes place, it is important for anyone hurt in such a crash to realize that the laws of Illinois likely provide them with certain protections and may provide them with the right to seek relief. If a victim is injured, that victim may be able to seek payment against an at-fault driver and/or that driver’s insurance company for damages including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages as well as any other injustice that occurred as a result of a crash. These claims are very dependent upon the facts of any incident and as a result, victims may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer to learn about all their options and their rights to help before they take any action.

Unfortunately, the worst accidents can cause someone involved to lose his or her life, a type of suffering that cannot be undone or properly erased even with legal action. Yet the right to seek help may still exist in these cases and may belong to the family members or loved ones of the victim who was killed. A claim for relief can help those left behind with the financial toll enacted by a crash even if compensation cannot undue the extreme loss that was done.

Police on the Far South Side have confirmed that a motorcycle accident happened on Saturday and that a man lost his life in the crash. At least two women also sustained injuries and their current conditions remain unclear.

The incident happened on I-57 near 119th Street at approximately midnight as a motorcycle rode in the area of two other passenger vehicles. For reasons that are not yet clear, the bike collided with two cars on I-57, throwing both the biker and a passenger from the motorcycle and causing them to land on the ground. The male operator of the motorcycle lost his life in the crash and the female passenger sustained critical injuries. At least one of the drivers of the cars was also hurt and needed medical attention and it is not clear at this time whether anyone else suffered in the collision.

Police are in the process of an investigation into the incident to determine why the vehicles collided and whether anyone acted negligently prior to the impact. The result of that investigation may determine whether anyone will face criminal or traffic charges for their role in this accident.



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