Motorcycle Accident Settlement Reached By Chicago, Illinois Injury Lawyers

Chicago Bike Injury Attorneys from Abels & Annes, P.C. have resolved a car vs. motorcycle crash case that arises out of an accident that occurred on October 9, 2007. Our client was traveling southbound on Greenbay Road approaching Chatfield Road, in Winnetka, Illinois. The defendant was traveling eastbound on Chatfield approaching Greenbay. The defendant had a stop sign and our driver had the right-of-way.

The at fault driver proceeded to attempt to turn left onto northbound Greenbay Road without waiting for a safe interval. As a result if the defendant’s negligence, our client was forced to lay his motorcycle down on the roadway to avoid a collision. The defendant was issued a traffic citation for failure to yield when making a left turn pursuant to 625 ILCS 5/11-902. A finding of guilt was entered in the traffic court on the offense.

The plaintiff sustained cuts and abrasions on his left ankle as well as over his back. Initial medical treatment was administered on scene by paramedics who cleaned his wounds. The client sought follow up treatment with a medical doctor and a plastic surgeon, as he sustained scars on his back and ankle from the accident.

The case was resolved without having to go to court and Progressive Insurance is paying on the claim.

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