Mother of four children missing after deadly Illinois car crash

After being involved in a fatal Chicago area auto accident, an Illinois woman has disappeared after walking away from an accident that killed her husband, according to ABC news. An extensive police search is underway.

The 40-year-old woman, who was believed to be a passenger at the time of the accident, has been missing since Sunday morning. LaSalle County Sheriff’s deputies found a car that is been an accident on a rural road with the woman’s husband in the driver’s seat.

Police found evidence that the woman was able to exit the vehicle and go up to the roadway, but from their deputies have no idea what happened. Footprints were seen going away from the car and one of the woman’s shoes was located at the scene.

The search for the woman went on for third day today. Around 50 people are helping with the rescue effort.

The missing Chicago woman, who is a mother of four, had been at a company party on Saturday night with her husband.

Anyone with information regarding the accident should immediately call the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department at 815-433-2161.

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