Megabus Accidents: Why Passengers are at Risk

Megabus is one of many busing services to cover a wide portion of the United States as well as some areas of Canada. With numerous lines running through Chicago and the surrounding cities, it can be an efficient and easy means of transit for those wishing to travel. In fact, Chicago serves as a Megabus hub which allows riders to travel from Chicago to the other Midwestern cities serviced by Megabus without transferring. Those who wish to travel outside of the Midwest can do so by taking a bus from Chicago to another hub and transferring at that location.

The daily operations of Megabus and its associated entities are governed by strict federal and state laws, rules, and regulations designed to make the vehicles as safe as possible. However, numerous bus accidents have occurred in recent years that have cast doubt on whether Megabus follows all necessary steps while it conducts business in the greater Chicago area. Several lawsuits stemming from Megabus collisions have been filed and have alleged failures including negligent hiring of drivers, improper training of employees, failing to undertake needed maintenance of vehicles, improperly performing repairs upon vehicles, disobeying traffic laws, and otherwise endangering passengers and others.

Among all the types of bus accidents that take place in Illinois, Megabus collisions occupy a unique position because they are treated in a unique manner under the law. Unlike certain other common carriers, Megabus picks up and drops off its passengers at curbside locations instead of traditional bus stations, limiting the carrier’s overhead expenses and enabling them to provide relatively low fares. But curbside drop offs also mean that Megabus is not constrained by several governing rules that apply to carriers who use terminals for their passengers. Further, dropping off a passenger or picking her up at a curb may increase the risks that the passenger must cross paths with other forms of traffic, including but not limited to passenger cars, a predicament that can lead to pedestrian accidents or other incidents where a bus rider will be hurt.

In other cases, passengers may be hurt while on board a bus and while en route to their chosen destination. Collisions, tire blowouts, rollovers, or even broken parts on the bus itself may cause a dangerous situation for those on board and may lead them to be injured, in need of medical help, or otherwise hurt.

Victims of bus accidents cannot control the actions of a bus driver or of those who service and maintain the bus, thereby leaving those victims at the mercy of employees who may or may not perform their job in a reasonable and safe manner. If you were injured while riding on a Megabus and you are confused about your options, know that you may have the right to obtain compensation against those responsible for your damages.

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