LaSalle County, Illinois School Bus Accident Results In No Serious Injuries

In LaSalle County, Illinois it is being reported that there were no serious injuries to the 22 children or the 2 drivers involved in Tuesday’s school bus vs. truck accident, according to the Daily Chronicle. The accident happened near the intersection of 42nd and Hoxey Roads in Northville Township. All parties involved were treated and released from area hospitals by yesterday afternoon.

The students on the bus were from Serena High School. They were taken to Valley West Community Hospital in Sandwich and Ottawa Regional Hospital & Healthcare Center in Ottawa.

The bus vs. truck accident is being investigated by the LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department. The driver of the truck has reportedly been ticketed with failure to yield at a stop/yield intersection.

The fact that it is being reported that there are no serious injuries does not necessarily mean that is the case. Often, injuries that look as if they are soft tissue or bump and bruise at first can later end up being more serious.

For example, our firm often represents clients that start out with back, neck or shoulder pain. They undergo medical treatment and do not improve. Then a doctor orders an MRI or a CT scan, and more serious injuries, such as a herniated disc or a torn rotator cuff, can be detected.

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