Shocking YouTube Video Shows Potential Dangers of Lane Splitting on Chicago Expressways

Motorcycle accidents affect thousands of Illinois riders every year. In addition to those on a bike, motorcycle crashes can also harm drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the area. In some cases, a crash between a motorcycle and bicycle may result. Regardless of who is involved, a motorcycle accident is more likely than a car accident to produce injuries because at least one person involved, the motorcycle rider, has little to no protection to divert the impact in the event of an accident.

While any type of motorcycle rider may be at risk for a collision, some activities have a greater risk than others. The video below depicts one rider filming a second while both motorcyclists “lane split.” Also known as whitelining, stripe-riding, or filtering, lane splitting occurs when a vehicle smaller than a car moves between vehicles in traffic either between lanes or while traffic is stopped. This can let riders avoid congestion or slow moving traffic while freeing up other space for cars, but in many cases, it can also lead to collisions.



Lane splitting is only permitted expressly in California in the United States but many other areas do not prohibit it. However, even if not prohibited by the letter of the law, the activity is considered dangerous and contrary to many other traffic laws, meaning that those who lane split can be ticketed or charged for this activity. All riders considering lane splitting should become familiar with local and state traffic rules before engaging in any conduct.

Lane splitting is common in many foreign countries including those that have a high percentage of two wheeled traffic. Whether motorcycles or bicycles, these areas lend themselves to lane splitting as riders who are backed up seek the opportunity to move through traffic.

Motorcyclists who lane split may be trying to save time by getting to their destination before traffic would otherwise allow but they risk much by engaging in lane splitting. In addition to the risk of harm they take on themselves, lane splittlers may threaten the safety of others in the area by increasing the risk of a collision. Many of these accidents involved multiple vehicles and can leave innocent victims with injuries or other damages, leading to a claim by the victims against a responsible motorist. Additionally, any rider with a passenger on his or her bike risks that passenger’s safety when lane splitting.

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