Information Sought in West Pullman Pedestrian Crash

Most of those who live in Chicago walk at some point in a typical day. The layout of the city and the design of the city’s roads means that pedestrians often take to the sidewalks and walk to their destinations along city blocks and through alleyways. Often, walkers will need to utilize crosswalks or other designated pedestrian crossing areas to get from one side of the road to another, and when necessity arises, these pedestrians may take these access points for granted. Under the laws of Chicago and the State of Illinois, pedestrians should be safe when they follow all traffic rules and cross when allowed at crosswalks; in practice, though, pedestrian accidents happen every day in the state and many involve a collision between a motorist who is not paying attention and a walker who does nothing wrong.

Victims of these collisions may be left wondering who is responsible for their losses and whether relief can be obtained. In many cases, Chicago pedestrian accidents enable those who are injured to seek and obtain payment for any expenses and any other losses incurred which often includes medical expenses, wages missed from work, and pain and suffering. These claims depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding a specific accident so if you have been hurt, speaking with a personal injury attorney may help you understand the implications of your crash and what relief is possible.

A pedestrian accident in West Pullman last week left a crossing guard injured and threatened the safety of several young students in the area. Now, police are looking for information on the driver involved as they have not yet identified the driver or owner of the vehicle through their investigation.

The collision occurred at the intersection of 127th Street and Union Avenue. The victim, a 27-year-old female crossing guard, was in the intersection and holding a stop sign to allow children to cross when a black SUV approached and struck the crossing guard, leaving her seriously injured. None of the children were physically hurt.

Eyewitness testimony supports the belief that the driver involved left the scene westbound on 127th before turning north on Emerald Avenue. The driver did not stop and check on the victim or report the incident and has not been identified at this time.

Anyone with information on this collision or who may know the identity of the driver involved is urged to contact the local police in West Pullman and to share their knowledge on this crash.



Victims are often innocent and do nothing to incur the injuries they sustain other than occupy the wrong spot at the wrong time. When injuries happen, it is unfair to expect these innocent victims to pay for the actions of others and that is why the laws in Chicago are designed to help victims obtain relief.

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