In Winnebago County, Illinois, Stepping On Toothpick Leads To $250,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement

In Winnebago County, Illinois a woman stepping on a toothpick has resulted in a $250,000 medical malpractice settlement, according to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. The woman reportedly stepped on a used toothpick at home and then sought out medical treatment from a doctor. The defendant doctor failed to identify and treat a developing infection which subsequently resulted in nerve damage. The case was settled without having to file a lawsuit.

The settled case was captioned Pam Shult v. Jerome Randall. The plaintiff was represented by Devon C. Bruce of Chicago.

David Abels & Associates, P.C. is currently working on a similar medical malpractice issue that happened in Chicago, Illinois where a seemingly minor injury led to serious medical complications. Our client’s big toenail on his left foot was rubbing up against his 2nd toe and an infection developed. The infection was not properly diagnosed by a Chicago area emergency room, the infection spread, and our client’s leg was partially amputated below the knee.

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