In DuPage County, Illinois, Witnesses Sought In Near Fatal Pedestrian vs. Car Accident

In West Suburban Lisle, Illinois a pedestrian was hit and severely injured as he crossed Ogden Avenue at Center Avenue on November 6, 2008. He was crossing to get to the First Congregational Church parking lot that is used for Metra train parking. The accident happened in the early evening at a location that is marked with warning signs for pedestrian crossing. The victim was a commuter on his way home from work.

The pedestrian suffered severe injuries, including a broken left arm, multiple pelvic fractures, right eye injuries, a fractured skull, internal bleeding and multiple lacerations. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and was in intensive care for over a week before being transferred to long term care & rehab.

One witness stayed at the scene until Lisle police officers responded, but there may have been others. If you were a witness to this accident, or if you know of a witness, please call (312) 924-7575 or email

Click here to view a map of the accident area.

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