Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer agrees to handle claim for technician injured on the job

Chicago work accident attorneys at Abels and Annes have agreed to represent a phone technician that was hurt in Lake County, Illinois. The worker was injured while doing repairs in August, 2010 on behalf of a nationwide telecommunications company.

The claimant was kneeling down while doing installation work for an extended period of time. At some point he heard a pop in his knee, and as he kept standing and squatting he started having a lot of pain.

The next day his pain was even worse so we went to medical care center in Vernon Hills, Illinois. An MRI was eventually taken at Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL. The scan showed the claimant had sustained a torn meniscus in his knee. He soon after had to undergo orthopedic surgery to repair the tear in his knee.

The meniscus is a disc that pads your knee. Each knee has two menisci, one on the inner edge of your knee, and one on the outer edge. They keep your knee steady and balanced, and a tear in the pad and stop your knee from working properly.

A meniscus tear is often caused twisting or turning motions while the knee is bent and the foot is planted. Tears are very common with workers lifting heavy objects.

Treatment for a torn meniscus can very depending on the severity of the injury, your age and the type of tear. It can be treated with physical therapy, surgical repairs and/or surgical removal of part of the meniscus.

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