Illinois work comp lawyer to represent injured Chicago public school teacher

Chicago work accident lawyers at Abels & Annes have entered into an agreement to represent an Illinois public school teacher that was injured on the job. The accident happened at the end of September, 2010 when the Chicago high school teacher tripped and fell down approximately 8-9 concrete stairs while at work.

After the accident she was seen it the Advocate Christ Hospital emergency room. At the ER she was examined by nurses and physicians, and x-rays were taken. She sustained bilateral ankle injuries, back injuries, and injured her right wrist.

During the days following the accident her condition did not improve. She has since followed up with her primary care physician in Chicago. Her doctor referred her to physical therapy at Accelerated Rehabilitation.

Chicago workers compensation attorneys at our office are going to work to make sure that her medical treatment that is related to the accident is paid for, that she receives disability pay for time off work, and we will negotiate an injury settlement on her behalf once her medical treatment has been completed.

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