Illinois work comp lawyer resolves claim

A Chicago work injury attorney at Abels & Annes has settled a claim on behalf of a DuPage County resident.

The claimant was employed as a truck driver for company in the Western suburbs. In December, 2009, he lifted up some heavy boxes and put them on his right shoulder to carry them to his truck. After doing this, he started to experience right shoulder pain.

Over the coming weeks the pain remained so the driver started undergoing treatment with a medical doctor. An MRI scan was eventually ordered which showed he had sustained a tear. The claimant underwent surgery to repair the shoulder.

The case settled for just over $17,300, plus the worker received an additional $14,000 in disability pay while he was off work. Further, the work comp insurance carrier is paying for any medical care related to the on the job accident.

This the case was handled by Nicole Sommerfeld, Of Counsel to our office. Nicole’s law practice is focused on handling Illinois work injury claims.

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