Illinois work accident lawyers keep taking on new clients

Chicago work comp attorneys at Abels & Annes recently signed up two work injury cases. Both claims are being handled by Nicole Sommerfeld, an attorney who concentrates in handling Illinois workers’ compensation cases.

In the first claim, our client is a Chicago public school teacher. In February, 2011 while on school grounds she slipped and fell on ice. She injured her right knee in the fall.

After the accident she started treatment with an orthopedic doctor in the Western suburbs. Subsequently an MRI showed she had sustained a tear in her knee. She had to undergo surgery to repair the tear earlier this month.

In the second case, the claimant was working at a furniture store in the Western Suburbs cutting boards with the machine. The machinery was not level and unexpectedly moved, cutting his left thumb.

The injured Illinois worker was treated at Good Samaritan Hospital. The laceration was severe enough that the claimant had to undergo a skin graft, taking skin from the left leg and placing it on his left thumb.

In both of the above cases, our office will work to make sure the plaintiffs receive appropriate medical care, disability pay for time off work, and a fair bodily injury settlement at the end of the case.

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