Illinois injury attorney to represent Chicago woman hurt in crash

Accident lawyers at Abels & Annes have signed on to represent a South Side resident that was recently injured in a car crash. The collision occurred at 79th and Claremont.

The plaintiff was traveling southbound on Claremont in her Hyundai Sonata when the defendant, who was eastbound on 79th, failed to yield the right-of-way coming out a stop sign. Southbound traffic had no stop sign.

The Chicago Police Department investigated the accident. After speaking to all parties involved, they placed the defendant at fault.

After the incident, our client had an immediate onset of severe neck pain, headaches and generally ached all over. She was seen shortly after at Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island. At the ER she was examined by physicians who diagnosed her with muscle strain due to a motor vehicle accident. She was prescribed pain medication and told to follow-up with a physician.

Over the days following the collision, her neck pain did not decrease. She sought follow up treatment with a medical doctor in the Chicago area. The physician prescribed a course of physical therapy and also recommended an MRI due to the severity of the pain.

Our office will be pursuing a negligence claim against the defendant and her auto insurance carrier. Many of the auto accident claims we handle start off like this one. A motorist has been injured in a collision and he or she is having severe pain that requires medical attention.

MRI results will usually determine if this is a soft tissue case (neck sprain/strain), or if she sustained a more serious injury such as a herniated disc or a protruding disc in her cervical spine.

If the MRI is negative, she will most likely go through a course of physical therapy and her condition would typically improve over the coming months.

If a scan shows a client sustained more serious injury, her medical treatment could move forward in a variety of directions. Often, if she does not improve in therapy, a physician could recommend steroid injections to help alleviate the pain. If that doesn’t work, the next option could be surgery.

More often than not the injuries sustained in a fender bender end up being soft tissue nature. However, once in a while our clients’ injuries are more serious.

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