Illinois Car Accidents Increasing, Fatalities Decreasing, According to Report

High population areas are more likely than others to experience a large number of car accidents every year. Unfortunately, with the fifth highest population in the nation, Illinois have a very high number of collisions and many of those crashes are concentrated in Cook County. New data has been released by the Illinois Department of Transportation for 2013 and 2014 and the results are startling.

In 2013 alone, collisions increased four percent from those that occurred in 2012 and there were approximately 782 accidents every day. The fact that collisions are increasing poses a threat not only to drivers in the state but also to passengers of all vehicles, whether those are cars, trucks, buses, or taxi cabs. Many may not realize but collisions involving motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians also happen with frequency in Chicago and therefore these people are additional groups of potential victims.

When a crash happens, the relief available may vary depending on the facts and circumstances of the accident. Things like the conduct of another driver, whether that driver was working at the time of the crash, or whether a motorist fled the scene may alter the options that present themselves. Nonetheless, many victims have the right to seek a financial recovery for the damages they incur in a car accident and they can obtain compensation for expenses like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you understand your accident and your rights if you have been injured.

The new data did show some positive information as well. While the number of car accidents may be on the rise, the number of fatalities caused by those crashes are decreasing. To this point in 2014, just under 900 people have lost their lives in traffic accidents in the state, an indication that the total fatalities will be under 1,000 for the fifth year in a row. This number indicates a decrease from 2013 at this point in the year and there is reason to expect that to continue now that the weather forecast reveals promising conditions for holiday travel.

While some of the statistics revealed show positive trends, overall they show that thousands of accidents continue to occur and continue to affect the lives of those involved. Whether the injuries that result are minor or severe, victims are left to deal with the fallout of these accidents which can last from weeks to months or even a lifetime.



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