Gurnee Police Seek Suspect in Fatal Hit-And-Run

Illinois law is very clear – after an accident, a motorist must remain at the scene of the crash until cleared by local authorities, with some limited exceptions for things like medical emergencies. Yet despite these requirements, every day injury lawyers receive phone calls from accident victims who report that the other driver not only caused the accident but also fled the scene without speaking to police and without calling for help.

Often, these accidents seem to be worse than a typical crash because another driver does not show remorse for his or her actions. Further, fleeing the scene can turn deadly if those involved in the crash were injured and unable to call for help. If the only able-bodied adult leaves the scene of the collision, emergency authorities may not be notified for some time, decreasing the chances of survival for those who have been seriously injured.

Many victims feel there is no one to help them after a hit-and-run crash and that there is no claim to be had against the responsible driver. But in many cases, this is not true. Following a collision, the fleeing driver often is identified and may be criminal charged for the actions that led to the crash. When this happens, an accident victim may be entitled to a financial recovery against that driver that will provide compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

In other cases, the other driver is never identified and the victim does not learn who caused the collision. Even in these cases, it may be possible for a victim to be compensated for his or her losses. Often, a car accident lawyer can help set up a claim against the victim’s own insurance company known as an uninsured motorist claim. This is a type of car insurance carried by most Illinois residents and it provides for coverage in the event another driver does not have insurance or cannot be located after a crash. The victim’s own insurance company steps into the shoes of the defendant and provides payment for the damages that stem from the crash.

In some cases, money cannot adequately compensate a family for what they lost in an accident. That is the case in a Gurnee crash on Saturday morning that left a man dead and his dog seriously injured. Police believe that the 31-year-old male victim let his dog outside after returning home from work. The man was concerned about the dog’s location and started looking for him near the area of Skookie Highway around 3:30 a.m. when an unknown motorist approached.

The driver struck the man with his car and took off without checking to see if the man was injured and without calling for an ambulance. The driver also struck the dog with his car either at the same time or while he fled the area.

People in the area of the crash called police sometime later and upon response, they learned that the man died from his injuries. At this time, police do not know the identity of the individual driving the car and are asking the public for any help they can provide.

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