Former Bears Quarterback Faces 6th DUI Arrest

Too often, Chicago accident lawyers receive calls for assistance from the victims of drunk driving and impaired driving collisions. These accidents are distressing to attorneys and to those in the community because there is never a need for a drunk driving crash to occur, meaning that the victims of these accidents should never have been hurt in the first place. Yet following a crash, the extent of injuries sustained may be only the beginning of a battle as an injury victim can face a tough fight against insurance companies and responsible drivers as they attempt to recover for their losses.

Ideally, no Illinois driver would operate a motor vehicle after consuming an intoxicating substance, including alcohol, and instead would utilize the services of a taxi, a designated driver, or public transportation to get from one point to another. When these individuals ignore the law and drive when they should not, an accident is likely to occur.

When a driver is arrested for drunk or impaired driving, a conviction of the crime can carry many penalties, including the loss of a driver’s license, mandatory fines, community service, or confinement in jail or prison. In some cases, a driver may be required to install an ignition interlock device or a breath alcohol ignition interlock device (IID or BAIID) so that his or her car cannot be started if alcohol is present in a driver’s system.

Despite these significant penalties, statistics continue to show that many drunk drivers continue to drive under the influence even after arrest and conviction. This appears to be the case for former Chicago Bears quarterback Bob Avellini who was arrested last month and charged with felony drunken driving, a sixth arrest for Avellini on DUI-related charges in the last decade. Just this month, Avellini was indicted by a grand jury for the most recent event.

Police records indicate that Avellini was pulled over on September 15, 2013 in the northwest Chicago suburbs shortly after midnight. The police officer at the scene noticed a strong smell of alcohol from Avellini’s breath and described Avellini as appearing under the influence. When Avellini allegedly refused a breathalyzer test, his blood was drawn and reportedly revealed a blood alcohol content of 0.181, or more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 in Illinois. Moreover, the test was performed four hours after Avellini was pulled over which, if proved accurate, would indicate a BAC higher than 0.181 at the time he was driving.



Fortunately no accident occurred in this case and no one was injured but that is not always the result of drunken driving incidents. When an impaired driver causes injuries or harm to another, Illinois law allows that injury victim to bring a claim for his or her damages, including medical bills, against the driver for the driver’s negligence.

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