Flood Waters in Illinois Increase Risks for a Car Accident down state and Elsewhere

Illinois is currently experiencing flooding in various regions and that water is posing serious danger to many residents. The Illinois Department of Transportation continues to offer logistical support and assistance by delivering thousands of sandbags and other supplies to affected regions. They’ve also made heavy equipment and trucks available for even more support. The agency is supporting road closures and various traffic control alterations in the flood-impacted areas to help reduce the risks of preventable Illinois car accidents during this wicked weather.

Our Illinois personal injury lawyers urge residents to be careful and cautious through spring as officials are doing all that they can to ensure that everyone makes a safe and quick recovery from the flooding.Much of the flooding is in the southern part of the state.

Officials report that it’s the worst case of flooding they’ve seen in about 80 years. Gov. Pat Quinn is aggressively seeking federal aid for flooded areas of the state. More than 10 Illinois counties have been hit by high water and are currently seeking outside aide. More than 450

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