Evanston school bus accident injures 20 students

An Illinois bus crash in north suburban Evanston resulted in the hospitalization of 20 students and one adult on Tuesday morning, Tribune Local is reporting. One school bus rear-ended another after one of the bus drivers was momentarily distracted.

The students were from Rowe elementary school and were on a field trip at Northwestern University. The collision took place around 11:15 AM as the 2 school buses were heading northbound on Chicago Ave. near Davis Street. There were a total of 50 students on the two buses.

Evanston police are stating that the at fault bus driver may have been looking in his side view mirror at the time of the accident.

The injured students were taken to Evanston Hospital, Rush and St. Francis Hospital. Ambulances from several communities, including Winnetka and WIlmette assisted. None of the injuries were reportedly life threatening. One child had neck & back injuires while another had chest pain.

The uninjured students continued on with the field trip.

Read the story as reported by ABC News and ABC News here.

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