Elgin, Illinois Wrongful Death Hit And Run Car Crash

After an auto accident that left one Chicago resident dead, Illinois State Police are searching for a white Cadillac, according to WBBM Newsradio 780. The wrongful death crash took place on I-90 at the State Street / Illinois 30 entrance ramp in Elgin, Illinois
The white Cadillac entered the highway and immediately swerved into the middle lane and caused a Honda Civic to move into the left lane. The Civic then crashed into a Nissan, and then an O’Hare shuttle bus slammed into the Civic, killing the driver of the Civic, 24 year old David Nazario of Chicago. Nazario was seat belted at the time of the collision. No one else was injured in the accident.

Anyone with information regarding the crash should call the Illinois State Police at (630) 241-6800.

From a personal injury lawyer’s perspective, it is likely that the driver of the Cadillac will not be found. If the driver is never caught, the family of the victim will then be able to make a hit & run, uninsured motorist claim on the victim’s own insurance policy.

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