Deadly & bizarre Chicago area DUI hit-and-run pedestrian accident

NBC news in Chicago is reporting that a hit-and-run accident in Northwest Indiana has led to the death of a pedestrian. Police officers made a gruesome discovery when they pulled a truck over for speeding only to find body parts hanging from the vehicle.

The officer reportedly approached the Chevy S 10 pickup after pulling it over on Saturday night. At that time the officer noticed partial remains of a person hanging over the tailgate. He saw legs and blue jeans.

The driver of the truck, a resident of Hobart Indiana, told police officers he drank around case of beer that evening and had then hit the pedestrian. The victim was 852-year-old man from Northwest Indiana.

Investigating police officers stated there was smoke coming from the truck, the windshield had been shattered, and the DUI driver had shattered glass on parts of his body. Police located another case of beer inside the truck.

The 26-year-old defendant’s blood-alcohol level was .12 percent. He now will reportedly face charges for misdemeanor DUI, felony driving while intoxicated and causing death, and felony fleeing the scene of an accident resulting in death.

It has not been reported if a Chicago area pedestrian accident lawyer is involved in this brutal case yet.

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