CTA Train Strikes, Kills Pedestrian in Chicago

The CTA, the major public transit system within the city of Chicago, provides rides to approximately three million people every year. Split primarily between a system of trains and buses, these riders embark on a journey from Point A to Point B and likely give little thought to their personal safety. The reasons are obvious: when you take public transit, you relinquish control of your trip to another, and you place your trust in that other to act in your best interests, following the rules and putting passenger safety first.

Despite these expectations, many collisions involving CTA vehicles happen every year in the city. Some are minor and those involved escape injuries; yet others are severe or even fatal and can change the lives of those involved forever, no matter what happens afterwards. Train accidents can be devastating to those passengers on board, employees working for the CTA, anyone in a car involved in the crash, or a pedestrian who may be struck. Of these, pedestrian accidents are almost always the worst as there is nothing to protect a person from the full impact of a crash. Many victims are left with injuries that will plague them for the remainder of their lives and others are killed in these crashes, permanently altering the lives of their friends, family members, and coworkers who remain.

At approximately 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning, a pedestrian at or near the Argyle CTA red line station was struck by a train in the area, causing extreme damages that led to the pedestrian losing his life. At this time, it is not clear what led to the impact between the pedestrian and the train but officials have been able to confirm that it was a northbound train involved in the crash. Red line service was stopped temporarily in the area as authorities responded to the scene and began an investigation.

The victim survived the incident initially and was taken by ambulance to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center for emergency treatment, but despite the best efforts of physicians, the man, described as a 31-year-old, died from the injuries sustained in the crash.



No amount of relief or compensation will ever be adequate to cover the losses experienced when a family member is killed, but the surviving members of a family may still be entitled to relief to help them cover the monetary losses they have suffered when a collision occurs.

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