CTA involved in another Chicago bus accident

Nine people were injured in a Chicago bus accident Monday afternoon on the West Side, FOX News reported.

The No. 53 Pulaski Chicago Transit Authority bus was southbound on Pulaski near Chicago Avenue when a northbound vehicle weaved into the southbound lanes, according to a CTA spokesperson, who said the bus driver was unable to avoid the crash.

Nine people were taken to area hospitals. The injured included the bus driver and eight passengers. The Breaking News Center reported that the accident involved an SUV.

As we reported recently on our Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Blog, a significant number of accidents involving CTA buses have been reported in recent months.

-Eleven people were sent to the hospital in late June after a CTA bus and a car collided in Wicker Park.

-In April, the family of a man run over by a CTA bus filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city.

-Two serious CTA bus accidents occurred in May: A bus accident on the Northwest Side injured seven riders and 12 others were hurt when a bus crashed into a building.

Bus passengers choose public transportation for many reasons: To save money, for convenience or because they do not want to deal with the cost and responsibility of owning a vehicle and driving in the metro area. Passengers have a right to expect safe transportation. Chicago mass transit accidents, including bus accidents, subway accidents and train accidents can be complicated cases and we recommend that you contact a Chicago injury attorney if injured in this type of accident.

Almost 4,000 Illinois bus accidents were reported in 2008 — killing six people and injuring more than 600, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Illinois school bus accidents killed six people and injured 349 that year.

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