CTA Employee Burned after Contact with Third Rail

The laws in Chicago and in Illinois are designed to protect workers who may become hurt or injured while on the job. Regardless of the profession, an injury can always happen, and therefore all workers receive these protections guaranteed to them by the law.

Though any job can pose a threat to safety, some positions present a greater risk than others. Employees in construction, healthcare professionals, airline workers, and classroom aides are likely to face injuries due to the nature of their jobs. Factory workers and manual laborers also face risks that many other workers do not, meaning that they are more likely to be hurt in a workplace accident. When an injury on the job occurs, worker’s compensation laws allow an employee to seek the relief they deserve. An injury lawyer who handles workplace claims can help you understand if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and whether you have the right to seek relief.

Early reports indicate that a CTA employee doing work on tracks in Skokie was injured Tuesday after coming into contact with the third rail, which is a portion of the railway that conducts electricity and enables a train to move. Though use of a third rail is common in many cities with mass transit systems, the third rail itself does present a risk of injury because electricity runs through it whenever the rail is active. This can potentially leading to electrocutions if an individual comes into contact with the third rail.

In Tuesday’s incident, initial reports indicated that a shovel in the worker’s hands may have been what struck the third rail. But today, officials have reported that the shovel was plastic and that it was intact, meaning that it is unlikely that the shovel provided a means for the worker to become electrocuted. Investigators and local authorities are still looking into the incident and trying to determine what caused the man to become injured.

The incident happened along the yellow line, near the Oakton Street station on Tuesday and caused the worker to sustain burns to his face. His current condition remains unclear though he was expected to survive.

If you have been injured in an accident while on the job, at work, or on the clock, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. This can include payment for your necessary medical treatment and for any future treatment you will need as well as payment for time missed from work.

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