Common Causes of Tire Blowout Accidents in Chicago

A tire blowout accident or a collision caused by a defect in a tire can happen at any time during the year, yet the cold winter months are some of the most common. The extreme weather conditions that Chicago faces this time of year puts particular stress on standard tires and causes adjustments in their inflation as the air around the tire cools and warms.

Tire blowouts generally are caused by any incident that allows air or pressure to escape a vehicle’s tire, thereby preventing the tire from supporting the weight of the car. Often, this can happen when a vehicle is loaded too heavily, when a tire is punctured, when a massive tear or gouge happens to a tire, or when a tire impacts another object.

Experts believe that underinflation of a tire is the primary reason for tire blowouts across the country. This happens when a tire is inflated to less than the recommended air pressure which is usually measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI. Inflation is critically important to the structural integrity of a tire because it will affect how much a tire’s components flex and stretch. If a tire is underinflated, that tire’s parts will flex more than intended and will make a blowout much more likely than a tire with a proper inflation.

Overloading is a common issue with larger vehicles including pickup trucks and SUVs. While there may be space enough to accommodate a large load of bricks or paving stones, hauling an excessive amount of weight can be very damaging to tires that are not designed to support that weight. This can also happen if the vehicle’s maximum occupant load is exceeded. To make sure you are operating in a safe manner, review your manual and any other documentation you have about your vehicle’s ability to support heavy weights and make sure your tires are those recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

In Chicago, the worn and often unrepaired streets mean that potholes abound and cause constant frustration to drivers. However, they can be more than frustrating as potholes can lead to bent wheels and punctured tires. Potholes are particularly tricky to understand in terms of their threats to tires because often the damage is not noticed for weeks or months after a pothole is encountered, leading many drivers to blame obstacles other than a pothole for a blowout.

When a tire blowout happens, it can be very difficult to maintain control of the vehicle and to stop it in a safe manner. Often, tire blowouts are so difficult to handle that vehicles roll over, potentially causing harm to those inside. It is critically important that all drivers monitor their tires and do everything they can to keep their tires in proper working order to limit the chances of a blowout accident happening in Illinois.

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