City Pushes for Safer Bike Routes to Help Reduce Risks of Bicycling Accidents in Chicago

Our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys recently discussed some New Year’s resolutions that you and your family can make to help make our roadways safe throughout the entire state of Illinois. We discussed how drivers and bicyclists can work together to create a city of safe travel for the both.We would like to further discuss the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020. The goal of this plan is to make our city easier and safer to travel for bicyclists and to ultimately reduce the risks of bicycle accidents in Chicago.

Chicago recognizes bicycling as an affordable, convenient, healthy and green way to navigate the city. The problem is that many Chicagoans don’t feel safe riding a bicycle along Chicago streets. A recent study in Portland concluded that about 60 percent of the population is interesting in cycling, but concerns about safety abound. Chicago faces these same challenges. Chicago is in need of more streets that allow families to safely ride bicycles without having to fear an accident.

The Streets for Cycling Plan 2020 will be used by transportation officials to guide the development of a citywide network of up to 250 miles of innovative bikeways that will make riding a bicycle a safe, easy and fun alternative to motor vehicle travel for all residents.

As a first part of the Streets for Cycling Plan 2020, transportation officials will be examining the city in nine separate areas in search of ways to improve each area for better, safer and easier cycling. Some of the characteristics that these officials will look for are where bike lanes are needed, how to improve current bikeways and to determine where bikeways would be most beneficial in the future.

How you can help to ensure better bikeways for Chicago:

-Attend the Open House which will include mapping activities, information about these new bicycle facilities and an opportunity to discuss biking in your neighborhood with Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) staff.

-Look up the Streets for Cycling Plan 2010 facebook page and become an active member.

-Show up at the public meetings. There will be three meetings held in January and February.

-You’re encouraged to join your Community Advisory Group. This group gives you a chance to discuss your ideas and concerns with others who are fighting for safer Chicago streets. This information can then be shared with CDOT. Send an email to join your Community Advisory Group.

We would like to ask everyone to get involved in make our Chicago roadways safer for all. This can be as simple as paying more attention to your surroundings when driving a motor vehicle. Bicyclists have a right to the roadway and should be treated with respect and caution. These travelers are more vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident and only you can help to prevent this from happening.

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