Chicago trucking accident injures two, spills milk

A Chicago trucking accident involving three vehicles, including a milk truck, occurred about 8 a.m. Saturday on Illinois Highway 53, according to the Chicago Breaking News Center.

The Chicago car accident happened on Highway 53 just north of Kirchoff Road near Rolling Meadows, Illinois State Police reported.

Authorities reported a driver cutting across lanes to make his exit caused the milk truck to roll over and spill its cargo.

The vehicles were headed south, three abreast, when the 22-year-old driver in the far left lane attempted to cut his Toyota Highlander SUV across traffic to make his exit.

The adjacent car swerved to try to avoid a collision. But, in doing so, the Mazda sedan collided with the milk truck. The truck lost control and tipped over on its right side, spilling its load of milk across the roadway.

Both the driver of the Mazda and the driver of the milk truck were taken to area hospitals for treatment of their injuries. The driver of the SUV was uninjured and charged with a lane violation.

Lane violations are a significant cause of serious and fatal Illinois traffic accidents.

In 2008, lane violations were responsible for 146 of 950 fatalities tracked by the Illinois Department of Transportation — the highest total of any category for which a traffic-control violation was cited as the cause. Almost 6,000 people were injured in more than 35,000 Illinois car accidents attributed to lane violations.

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