Chicago trip and fall lawyers reach $72,500 premises liability settlement

Illinois premises liability attorneys at Abels & Annes have resolved a Cook County personal injury lawsuit for $72,500.

The case arises out of a trip and fall that occurred back on October 9, 2008 at an indoor soccer facility in Chicago. Our client was playing soccer when he tripped and fell over a ridge/bump in the playing surface that was similar to bunched up carpeting approximately 2 inches in height.

The lawsuit alleged that the playing surface should have been flat even and that precautions should have been taken to ensure the surface remained good condition, such as reasonable inspections and repair. Further there were no signs or other warnings posted to notify players of the condition.

Immediately after the Chicago trip and fall accident, the plaintiff developed left ankle pain. Other soccer players took our client to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment. X-rays at the ER revealed our client sustained a fractured ankle. Due to the severity of the fracture, our client had to undergo surgery to repair the ankle.

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