Chicago Tribune Report Claims Almost Half of Pedestrian Accidents Involving Area Children Occur Within One Block of a School

According to a Chicago Tribune report, about 1,700 Chicago children between the ages of five and 18 were hit by a motor vehicle within one block of a school between 2007 and 2011. Such collisions accounted for about 10 percent of all pedestrian accidents that occurred during the five years examined. In addition, approximately 22 percent of the 16,500 pedestrian accidents throughout Chicago between 2007 and 2011 reportedly left a child injured.

According to Chicago Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein, the city has not yet successfully reduced its rate of fatal pedestrian accidents despite new measures designed to increase pedestrian safety. Klein stated Chicago officials have created a new pedestrian safety program, increased the enforcement of traffic laws, and introduced measures designed to calm traffic. He added that it could take several years before quantifiable pedestrian safety increases are achieved.

Illinois Department of Transportation data shows that Chicago enjoyed a 17-year low for pedestrian traffic deaths in 2010. During that year, only 32 people traveling on foot were killed by a motor vehicle. Still, one-fourth of pedestrian fatalities in 2010 were children. Preliminary data from the Chicago Police Department claims that 48 pedestrians died in Chicago in 2012. Overall pedestrian crash rates in Chicago have reportedly remained steady at around 3,000 incidents for several years.

A study released by the Chicago Department of Transportation in 2011 found that about 80 percent of severe or deadly pedestrian accidents in the city happened at or near a crosswalk. In addition, children are allegedly more likely to be struck by a vehicle on the West and South sides of Chicago. The most frequent cause of pedestrian accidents is purportedly motorists who simply fail to yield.

Annually, almost 6,000 pedestrians are hit by a motorist throughout the State of Illinois. Despite that a pedestrian may be struck by a car anywhere, most crashes occur in urban areas like Chicago. Unfortunately, most pedestrian collisions result in a severe injury or tragic death. In 2011, over 100 pedestrians in Illinois died in an accident with a car, truck, or other vehicle. If you were struck by a Chicago motorist while crossing the street, you may be compensated for any injuries you suffered. Pedestrian accident victims may be entitled to collect damages for their medical expenses, lost benefits and wages, pain and suffering, and more. A skilled pedestrian accident attorney can explain your options for recovery in more detail.

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