Chicago train accident traps stroller in door, throws toddler onto tracks

Authorities are investigating what caused a CTA train to take off with a baby stroller lodged in a door; the stroller was dragged along the platform until the little girl was flung onto the ground along the tracks.

The child’s adult caregiver told police the train took off with the stroller caught in its doors, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Some Chicago train accidents have nothing to do with crashing trains. But, like in this instance, involve people who are injury embarking or disembarking, fall in a stairwell or on a platform or are injured in a Chicago car accident at a railroad crossing.

The child landed about 10 feet past the end of the platform and was found conscious, flat on her back amid other items knocked out of the stroller.

The Chicago Transit Authority driver has been suspended without pay pending a review. A union representative said such an occurrence would require both a mechanical malfunction and an operator error.

The driver told investigators the presence of something in the door should have bounced the door open, much like an elevator door.

The child was released from the hospital Tuesday night after being treated and kept overnight for observation, The Sun-Times reported.

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