Chicago Speed Cameras Go Live Today with Warnings

Chicago drivers may be in for a surprise in coming weeks when they check their mail. That is because the City of Chicago has established speed cameras in some areas that will be used to issue speeding citations in the near future. Monday marks the first day that one of the speed cameras will switch from a “testing” phase to a “warning” phase where warning citations will be utilized for speeders.

The cameras moving to the warning phase are located near the intersection of Foster and Pulaski. The warning citations will be issued for thirty days before turning into legal tickets. Drivers are notified of the camera’s presence by signs in the area but some area residents are complaining that the signs are too small to adequately notify others.

Chicago officials have touted the addition of several speed cameras throughout the city as a means to decrease driver speed and increase safety. With speeding one of the leading factors of Illinois car crashes, the city may see fewer accidents if these cameras work as intended. The cameras trigger when a driver of a car, truck, or van is traveling above the posted speed limit and each camera takes photos of the vehicle, including the license plate, so that a citation can be issued and sent to the offender’s address. While estimates suggest that millions of dollars in fines may be raised, city officials continue to stress that road safety concerns lead to the implementation and use of the cameras.

Residents seem to have mixed feelings about the addition of the cameras in their neighborhoods. Some believe that the cameras will lead to lower speeds, increasing safety to all in the area, including other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Yet other residents have expressed concerns about the constitutionality of the speed cameras after several other states have deemed such cameras as violating the constitution.

Regardless of your personal feelings on the cameras, officials say that the cameras are here to stay so Chicago drivers should be aware of them. If you do not want to receive a speeding ticket, your best bet is to obey all posted speed limits and to heed all traffic laws.



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