Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Resolves Premises Liability Case

Chicago accident attorneys from Abels & Annes, P.C. have settled a trip and fall claim against a Jewel Food Store in Highland Park, Illinois for a fall down injury that occurred on June 22, 2008. Our client had just parked her car and was about to walk into the store when her foot got caught in a broken and/or significantly uneven portion of the sidewalk that lead into the grocery store, causing her to fall forward onto her left hand and sustain injuries.

Our client did not see the uneven sidewalk because it was obscured in the shadow of a pillar holding up the overhang in front of the store. She was also looking forward towards the entrance doors of the store, and was distracted by the heavy congestion of scattered shopping carts in the area and other patrons entering and exiting the store. After her fall, a store manager came outside to talk to her. The manager admitted that this was not the first time someone had tripped on this area of the uneven sidewalk.

Our client went to a local hospital for left hand, wrist, and shoulder pain. After history and examination diagnostics tests were ordered, x-rays were conducted, which indicated a displaced fracture at the base of the proximal phalanx of the small finger on her left hand (fracture at the base of her left pinky finger). She was placed in a splint, her arm was placed in a sling, and she was prescribed pain medications and instructed to seek follow up care.

A couple days later, our client continued to suffer from severe pain in her left hand and sought follow up care. During her follow up, another x-ray was performed which again identified a displaced left pinky finger fracture. She was then placed in a cast over her left hand, wrist, and forearm. As the fracture began to heal, our client was eventually taken out of the cast, placed in a splint and began a course of physical therapy. Our client incurred over $4,000.00 in medical bills. The case settled for $15,500.

Often, premises liability cases can be complicated and difficult to prevail in. The fact that our client fell and was injured was not enough to have a claim. Liability was created here because the property owner had actual notice of the uneven or broken sidewalk and failed to act to fix it.

Chicago slip and fall lawyers from our firm handle all kinds of injuries resulting from Illinois premises liability cases, including broken bones and back and neck injuries. If you have sustained a slip & fall injury, please contact Abels & Annes, P.C. for a free consultation.

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