Chicago personal injury attorney files dog attack lawsuit

Illinois injury lawyers at Abels & Annes have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a local resident that was injured in a dog attack. The suit was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

At issue is an injury that occurred back on July 24, 2009. The plaintiff was taking out the trash outside his residence in an alley. At that time he heard growling and turned to see a very large dog chasing after him. To avoid serious injury our client was forced to jump over a nearby fence and upon landing he suffered a serious fracture to his arm and dislocated his elbow.

The defendant dog owner was a nearby neighbor. The yard is fenced where the dog is kept, however the fence was in disrepair, the rear gate was often left open, and the dog was often let out into the yard without being chained. It was known in the neighborhood that the animal would often get loose and many complaints have been made to police in the past.

Under the Illinois Animal Control Act, the dog owner is responsible for all injuries caused by the animal. The plaintiff is alleging that the defendant failed to adequately restrain, chain, fence and/or control his dog, and that said negligence caused severe injuries to our client.

Immediately after the accident an ambulance was called. The plaintiff was taken to the emergency room at Metro South Medical Center. There he was diagnosed with a dislocated elbow and a fractured ulna. It was determined that an open reduction internal fixation surgery would be necessary to repair the fracture. Surgery was performed the same day.

Due to the accident, our client incurred over $37,000 in medical bills.

If you have been injured in a Chicago area animal attack, contact the Illinois premises liability attorneys at our firm for a free consultation.

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