Chicago Pedestrian Injured By Car Accident While Standing In Front Of His House

Car Accident Lawyers from Abels & Annes, P.C. have settled an injury claim for a Chicago resident who was injured after being hit by a car while standing in front of his house when a car crash occurred.

On the evening of the occurrence our client was standing in his front yard when the defendant was driving westbound on 71st Street approaching its intersection with Lafayette. The intersection of 71st Street and Lafayette was controlled by a traffic light. There was a red light for westbound traffic. The defendant ran his red light and crashed into a southbound vehicle. The force of the impact knocked the other vehicle into a fence and yard on Lafayette and into the plaintiff, who fell to the ground.

Our client was seen at St. Bernard Hospital’s emergency room right after the accident complaining of shoulder, back, hip and knee pain. He was diagnosed with a fracture to his left clavicle, acute low back sprain and left knee contusion. Pain medications and physical therapy were prescribed. Despite this treatment he continued to suffer from pain and discomfort in his left shoulder, left hip, low back and left knee. However, our client sought no follow up treatment.

The case settled against State Farm Insurance for $15,000. The claim was resolved without having to file a lawsuit.

Pedestrians getting hit while in the area of auto accidents is not common, but it does happen on occasion. This is the second case we have resolved this year where a pedestrian was collateral damage to a car crash. Our other client was injured while waiting at a CTA bus stop. A car accident took place in front of him, a wheel flew off one of the cars and hit him, and he sustained injuries.

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