Chicago named one of best cities for bike riding; avoiding summer bicycle accidents remains a concern

Chicago injury lawyers are taking note that our City has been named the 10th best city in the nation for bike riding by Bicycling Magazine. As we reported on our Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer blog earlier this month, spring is a critical time for motorists to keep safety in mind in an effort to reduce Chicago bicycling accidents.

The Chicago Department of Transportation offers a host of safety and recreational resources for bicyclists and motorists. The city’s Bike 2015 Plan aims to expand the city’s cycling infrastructure by 50 percent, from 104 bike lane miles to 150 bike lane miles. Overall, the system will grow from 315 miles to 500 miles.Illinois bicycle accidents killed 27 riders in 2008 and seriously injured 3,385. offers a number of safety tips as well as dangerous areas where cyclists should utilize extra caution:

-The Right Cross: One of the most common ways to get hit is by a car pulling out of a parking lot or entering an intersection from the right. Safety tips include using a headlight, honking, slowing down and riding further to the left.

-The Door Prize: Opening car doors pose a serious risk to cyclists. Riding further to the left will often provide a cyclist with the room and reaction time necessary to avoid a collision.

-The Crosswalk Slam: Cyclists are frequently hit while cross the street in or near a crosswalk, by a vehicle making a right turn. Using a headlight, slowing down and avoiding riding on the sidewalk or in crosswalks can help reduce the danger.

-Wrong-way Wreck: Riding against traffic poses a serious risk to cyclists and is against the law in many areas. Don’t do it.

-Red Light of Death: Being pinched by a car turning right at a red light can be dangerous. Avoid stopping in a vehicle’s blind spot and be aware of cars turning right when approaching a vehicle on the right.

-Right Hook: A car passing a cyclist will sometimes try to make a sudden right across the bicycle’s travel lane. Cyclists can help avoid this danger by not riding on sidewalks or crosswalks, riding to the left to prevent passing and glancing in a rearview mirror before approaching an intersection.

-Left Cross: Vehicles turning left across traffic often fail to spot a cyclist in time: Using headlights, avoiding sidewalk riding, wearing bright clothing, avoiding right-handed passing and slowing down can help improve safety.

-The Rear End: Being rear-ended while on a bike can cause serious or fatal injuries. Never move left without looking behind you; don’t swerve in and out of street-parking lanes; and use your mirrors and signals.

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