Chicago motorcycle accident attorney reaches policy limits settlement

Illinois motorcycle crash lawyer Gary Annes has reached a settlement on behalf of the client injured in a collision. This claim arises out of a cycle vs. automobile accident which took place at the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and Paulina Street in Chicago, Illinois, in August, 2010.

The plaintiff was hurt when the motorcycle he was riding was T-boned by a vehicle being driven by the defendant. Our client was northbound on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, approaching its intersection with Pauline Street.

The traffic light at the intersection showed a green light for north and southbound traffic on Milwaukee. As the plaintiff went to the intersection, the defendant turned left into his motorcycle, failing to yield the right-of-way. The front of the defendant’s vehicle struck the motorcycle and our client’s left leg. After getting hit, the motorcyclist was knocked off his bike, and he slid around 20 feet after landing on the pavement.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the scene of the accident. After speaking to both parties involved in the collision, the investigating officer placed the defendant at fault for the collision. The officer issued a traffic citation to the driver of the car for failure to yield when making a left turn, which he was found guilty of at trial in traffic court.

After the collision, our client has an immediate onset of left leg pain, left hip pain and pain in both shoulders. An ambulance was called to the scene. Paramedics noted multiple left leg abrasions in severe road rash on both arms. He was taken by ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Over the next few days the plaintiff’s pain increased significantly. A week after the accident he returned to Northwestern for additional treatment. He was instructed to continue on pain medication and seek follow up treatment with a medical doctor.

A few days later our client started treatment with an orthopedic physician in Chicago. There he began a course of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment in September, 2010. His treatment consisted of chiropractic manipulative therapy, myofascial release, interferential therapy, traction, heat/cold therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and therapeutic exercise to increase range of motion and decrease pain. He attended eleven (11) sessions of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, which ended on November, 2010.

The case resolved for the defendant’s auto insurance policy limits of $20,000. Further, our office was able to recover an additional $5,000 for the plaintiff by making an under-insured motorist claim against our client’s own auto insurance policy.

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