Chicago bike accident attorneys to represent a North Sider that was hit by taxicab

Illinois injury lawyers from Abels & Annes have entered into an agreement to represent a Chicago bicyclist who was injured in July, 2010. The accident happened at the intersection of Western Ave. and Catalpa just outside Rosehill Cemetery. The bike rider was southbound on Western when a northbound cab driver made a left turn to go West and did not see our client.

The plaintiff was knocked in the air as his bicycle was slammed out from under him. He then landed on the taxicab’s hood and was launched about 10 feet onto the street.

The Chicago Police Department responded to the accident and performed a crash investigation. The police ticketed the cab driver with failing to yield while turning left.

Immediately after the accident, the bicyclist had an onset of pain to his wrist and ankle. He was seen shortly after the accident at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. He was lucky to escape the Chicago bike accident with multiple sprains, bruises, cuts and scrapes.

The bicyclist believes he was able to avoid much more serious injuries when at the final moment before impact he lifted his left leg above his bicycle so the cab directly struck the bike and not his person.

Not everyone is as lucky is the Chicago bike rider in this case. Often people sustain severe and permanent injuries. Just last week we signed up the case where the bicyclist fractured his hand and he had to have surgery to repair it.

Finally, the bicycle my client was riding was worth over $2,000 and it was destroyed in the accident. We will be pursuing a property damage claim on our client’s behalf in addition to his injury claim.

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