Chicago injury lawyer receives $35,000 verdict in Illinois auto accident lawsuit

Illinois car accident attorney Gary Annes of Abels & Annes obtained a $35,000 jury verdict this week in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The case stemmed from an automobile vs. motorscooter accident that occurred back on June 25, 2008 at around 5:45 PM on westbound Lawrence Avenue in Chicago.

At the time of the accident, the plaintiff was riding a motor scooter and a car in front of him stopped to make a left turn. Our client then stopped behind that car.

At that time the defendant, who was westbound on Lawrence Avenue driving a Buick Century, failed to stop and struck the plaintiff from behind. The impact caused our client to fall off the scooter, landing on his back.

After the collision, he had an immediate onset of head, neck, back and left foot pain. That night his condition got worse and he had difficulty sleeping.

The day after the accident he was still having significant pain and sought treatment at a trauma center. There, diagnostic tests were taken which were negative for any fractures.

Over the next week plaintiff’s pain remained. On July 3, 2008 he sought further treatment from a board-certified neurologist. At that time his most significant pain was in his low back. The doctor ordered an MRI and prescribed course of physical therapy. The MRI was negative for herniated discs.

A lawsuit was recommended by our office because the defendant’s insurance carrier would only offer $5,000 to settle during pre-suit negotiations. Here, the decision to go to court paid off many times over for our client.

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