Chicago, Illinois Single Car Auto Accident Causes Death of Teenager

A Chicago, Illinois car crash took the life of a teenage girl whose identity has not been released. According to CBS News in Chicago, the teenager was killed when an SUV struck a pole on the South Side of Chicago on November 7, 2007. The one-vehicle accident near 74th St. and Maryland Avenue, Chicago, Illinois according to Chicago Police Department officials.

The teenager was believed to be about 16 years old and was a passenger in the vehicle. A second occupant in the car was hurt and taken to nearby Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. A firefighter also went to Christ Hospital because of getting hydraulic fluid in his eyes while taking victims out of the car.

Over the years, David Abels & Associates has handled many single car accident injury cases, some involving very serious injury and/or death. From an injury lawyer’s perspective, a single car crash case can be easier to handle as compared to other auto accidents, as there is usually no issue as to who is at fault. The only real issue is damages. In this case we are talking about the worst type of damages, that being the death of a young woman who had her whole life in front of her.

Another issue that can come up in singe car accidents is when a passenger is injured and an immediate family member was the at fault driver. The issue is whether you can make a claim against your own family member for damages. In many states the answer is no you cannot, or there may be limitations as to such actions. However, in Illinois the answer is yes, you can make a claim against a family member such as your spouse or parent.

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