Chicago, Illinois Resident Injured In Hit & Run Accident Asks For Help Locating Driver

A Cook County Resident was seriously injured when a motor vehicle drove onto a sidewalk at Cumberland Avenue and Summerdale Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. Chester Doboszewski was the pedestrian who was hurt. He was waiting on the sidewalk for a walk sign to cross the street. The accident happened right in front of a Chicago Fire Department Firehouse.

The at fault driver did not stop and fled the accident scene. Chicago Fire Department Paramedics rushed Chester to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. He was diagnosed with multiple left leg fractures and a skull fracture.

Normally, a pedestrian struck by a hit & run driver would have a good uninsured motorist claim against his own insurance company. His insurance company would “step into the shoes” of the hit and run driver, and the pedestrian would recover monetary damages. Here, unfortunately Mr. Doboszewski has no auto insurance and no one in his household has auto insurance. His only hope to recover is against the at fault driver.

If anyone has any information regarding this pedestrian accident, please contact the Chicago Police Department.

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