Chicago, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Reach Settlement For Chicago Lineman

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers from Abels & Assoc. just settled a workers’ compensation case for the Chicago Area lineman pictured below. When he is out and about in Chicago he is often approached by football fans who think he is either Chicago Bear Cedric Bensen, or former Chicago Bear Tank Johnson.

While he certainly looks like a pro football player (6’6″ and 250+ lbs), he is actually Kankakee, Illinois resident Andrew Bradley, and he is not a lineman for the Bears, but rather a lineman for AT&T. He is one of the brave guys up on the telephone poles making needed repairs.

He injured his shoulder while lifting a heavy object at work. He suffered a small tear to his supraspinatus tendon that will not require surgery. His work comp. case just settled for $25,000.

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